Highlights: Previous Years


6th Annual Appreciation Breakfast – For Pastors and Ministry Leaders with over 200 attendees.

Annual Bibles, Blankets, Gloves and Hats – Outreach to over 2,000 homeless & needy children in Milwaukee and Waukesha. (To date nearly 10,000 Bibles have been distributed with a goal of 40,000.)

13th Annual Urban Camp for Kids – 300+ youth at Camp Timber-lee; supporting/seeking sponsors.

BASICS DVD – Video of BASICS’ ministry; testimonies of inner city ministries/churches; Volunteer testimonials; plus information on Staff. Hundreds of DVDs have been given out.

“The Captive Project” – An evangelical urban outreach that uses Christian Arts to reach youth and urban communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the purpose of making disciples for Christ. Seven park venues in seven months. Thousands attended.

Christian Communication Network – Referral system for the current community.

Christian Youth Music CD – 2nd one produced with over 3,000 given away.

Community Economic Development – An Assistance Project for a local church.

PAN – Prison Aftercare Network with over 60 ministries assisting prisoners re-entering the Community, to help them find housing and jobs.

Prison and Jail Ministries – Outreach to men and women in state prisons and city jails.

Partners with: Leap of Faith Lambeau – 10,000 in attendance. We are being challenged to “repeat” this event. (Continuation of 3 Miller Park “Call-to-Prayer and Worship” gatherings ’03,’04 &’05).

Affiliations with: Feed My Sheep – A food ministry for outreach events. Thousands fed.

Oakton Manor – Provide resources to enhance ministry to mentally disabled adults and men’s Bible Study.

Repairers of the Breach – Conduct weekly Bible Studies along with providing personal survival items.

Resurrection Sunday (Amazing Ministries) – Martin Luther King Rec. Center, 250 Dinners served.

Share Life Share Christ – A Mentoring Program for young boys ages 13–21 to discuss life’s problems and share experiences while they are introduced to Jesus as part of the solutions.

Silver Ring Thing – a Youth Abstinence Program – 600 youth & 150 adults attended.

“Straight Up” – Ministry at South Division – High School age outreach

Word is God Worship Center & Lao Christian Church – on-going monthly youth outreaches to over 100 youth.

Youth For Change Rally – Assisted New Testament Church – over 2,000 youth & adults attended.


Organized the statewide “Call To Prayer and Worship” at Miller Park, September 13, 2003. More than 7000 people from numerous churches throughout the state, including Madison, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Fond du Lac, and from other states, gathered for an evening of prayer, worship and reconciliation. The program was lead by a choir of more than 100 persons and a worship team representing 50 churches. many who attended the first-of-its-kind event were uplifted and inspired to take “the love of Christ” back to their homes, workplaces and communities.

Launched the Lighthouses of Prayer initiative in Milwaukee and surrounding suburban communities. This effort encourages people to establish a “Lighthouse of Prayer” in their neighborhoods and workplaces and pray regularly for their neighbors and fellow workers. Several churches appointed Lighthouse of Prayer coordinators and a “Lighthouse” was started in a women’s prison.

Completed facility improvement projects at Harvest Ministries and Word Is God Worship Center.


Began “Ministers to Milwaukee” as a missions agency for people called to serve in the city as ministers to children, teens, adults and families. Initially, 10 individuals began as Ministers to Milwaukee, working in the areas of evangelism, youth ministry, church and community outreach, and leadership development.

Developed a database of Christian organizations for ministry resources and referrals. Completed website for the organization.

Evaluated 25 central city ministries that requested assistance for various facility and ministry needs. Seven requests were completed and 13 were approved for implementation.


Completed many renovations to churches and outreach ministries, including St. Luke Emanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Christian Family Gathering, Heartlove Place and Intercession Ministry Inc. Use of volunteers saved thousands of dollars in labor costs.


Completed 14 building restorations, operational consultations and other supportive services for ministries in Milwaukee, including Scott Christian Youth Center, Hope Street Transitional Row, Intercession Inc., and Win-A-Soul Ministries.

Launched five initiatives with urban ministry partners, including the Urban Ministry Training Institute with the Christian Partners for Urban Action Board.

Held forums to promote collaborative ministry efforts in transitional (transformational) living, healthy youth, Christian event planning and establishing prayer teams.


Established BASICS In Milwaukee, Inc., as a Wisconsin not-for-profit and charitable organization in May. Appointed its first Board of Directors, with Art Reimer as chairman. Began serving under-resourced inner city ministries with building repairs to meet building codce requirements.


Arn Quakkelaar retired from Johnson Controls, Inc., to pursue full-time ministry in the city and began studying Milwaukee ministries, demographics and needs on the streets of the inner-city to find out where God was working and to join Him there.